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A "mock up" of how the new salon may look with the new signage - hope the traffic warden isn't a permanent feature!

Just a little update on our VERY exciting, VERY lovely, NEW Park Row Hair and Beauty Salon!!
Lynzie and I have had a really productive day out shopping again today for the new salon. We did manage to buy loads of useful things this week – unlike last week when we only managed to buy vases and flowers…

… Oh and of course, a mask for Lynzie’s Halloween party!!
This time we were much more disciplined. We got our sinks on order and a FAB reception desk too… woo woo!
We also bought an enormous mirror which we couldn’t get in the car so I had to borrow my hubby’s truck and go back for it. (We thought it was worth it tho!).
We got back with our ‘very beautiful mirror’ (reversed into a post… oops! Shush!) – just in time to have a sneaky peek at the plasterers working away.
Can’t say its looking too good at the moment, but I have been reassured it will look better soon…… (more than I can say for hubby’s bumper!)

Another Park Row customer phoning to book a facial and manicure with Amy - after a hard day's work

Amy has now arrived back from her hols (a little pinker) – and we have decided to keep the special offer manicure going til the BIG move!!

Loads of you have taken her up on the offer and been very pleased with the time saving element of it.

We got some new OPI colours today too.

Hope you’re all still taking advantage of the Redken offer as this is soon to come to an end, as our stocks run low.
I hope to keep you all updated on the move, but please keep wolf whistling those work men as you walk past, it does make them work faster. Which is good, because it seems to have the opposite effect on the girls!
Take care, speak soon,

Janet xx

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