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About Us

Hi, I’m Janet and welcome to our About Us page where you can find out a little bit more about the brilliant girls who work at the Salon.

Although we moved and changed our name to Park Row Hair & Beauty in Nov 2011, I have been the owner at Park Row Hairdressing in Brighouse since 1998. Yes, I was VERY young when I first took over!

Since then my hard-working staff and I have built up a reputation as a busy, fun and unpretentious salon – where the personal touch always comes first.

And speaking of my “hard-working staff” – I’d like to take a moment to introduce them all to you…

First up is Lynzie who has been at Park Row for longer than she wants to admit – joining us straight out of hairdressing college.

A Brighouse girl like myself she brought quite a following back in those days. She has continued to show everyone how versatile their hair can be.

She is fabulous at occasion hair and loves a brand new look, switching things up a bit with colour and style.

Lynzie is back as busy as ever after having her little bundle of joy in May 2022!

Beckie is our stylist with attitude!! Every salon has one, it’s just ours is Beckie!

Beckie has been with us since leaving school (quite a while ago now!!)

She loves all the latest colours and cuts and keeps us all updated with Balayage techniques and root stretches. Nothing is too much trouble and she will go the extra mile to get your look just right.

(We always rely on Beckie for a good laugh and usually at her expense, but don’t be fooled by her cute exterior…)

Our lovely Alicia is very enthusiastic.​

She is a whizz with colour and keeps up to date with all the latest techniques. She is always up for a big colour change, nothing fazes her. If it’s possible she will do it, while keeping your hair in the best condition possible.

She has quite a following posting her work on social media regularly. If you want a chat, (alongside fabulous hair) Alicia is your girl!

Alicia has the most gorgeous little boy and is loving being a working Mum.

(Just one thing… she never forgets what you talked about on your last visit, so just be careful what you say!!)

Hannah has been with us right from being a very young Saturday girl – when she charmed all our clients back then!

She is a fabulous stylist and is raising her profile on social media. She has frequent trips to the London training academy, Keune House of Bloom where she keeps up with techniques on various aspects of hairdressing.

She has always had a passion for hair and is amazing at keeping your hair in tip-top condition with the Keune treatments and the latest colour techniques.

She is so efficient and upbeat and at her happiest when she is doing what she does best!

(The word drama was invented for Hannah she never fails to keep us entertained with her stories! Just ask her about 11:11!!)

Meet Jess, our gorgeous apprentice!

She joined us in May 2023 so is now a good way into her training and is doing some amazing work already!

She is so passionate about hair and will give anything a go. We are working with her cutting, colouring and styling and require live models to give her some more experience. Give us a call if you would like to help with our training sessions.

Homegrown stylists are the best! Taking on all that Park Row experience and adding to it her own style… What could be better?

Currently, Jess has some availability for half-price blow dry’s, within the salon’s usual hours.

Lacey joined us as an apprentice in September 2023 and started her training.

She was thrown into the deep end looking after our stylists and clients at such a busy time but is doing a great job! She is practising her blow drying and cutting techniques and loves to do colour too!

We are currently looking for models to help her hone her fastly improving techniques and skills so please get in touch if you are interested.

We love a bit of talent entering into this fabulous career!

Imogen is our long-standing Saturday help!

She whizzes around doing all the chores and making sure we all get fed and watered.

She loves a good chat with our clients and does a fabulous wash and conditioning treatment.

Did you know, a very long time ago before she was a twinkle in her Dad’s eye, her Mum was doing the very same job with Park Row too!

You can’t get much better than a family recommendation!!

So, if you’re new to the area, unhappy with your current hairdresser or beauty salon, or simply looking for a change – why don’t you come along and meet us in person? We’d love to welcome you at our warm and friendly salon.

Call us now on 01484 722220 to book an appointment – or if you prefer, book a free 15 minute initial consultation, to help you feel comfortable with what we can do.

Come and see why at Park Row Hair & Beauty we say… it’s all about you…

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