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Hi, I’m Janet and welcome to our About Us page where you can find out a little bit more about the brilliant girls who work at the Salon.

Although we moved and changed our name to Park Row Hair & Beauty in Nov 2011, I have been the owner at Park Row Hairdressing in Brighouse since 1998. Yes, I was VERY young when I first took over!

Since then my hard-working staff and I have built up a reputation as a busy, fun and unpretentious salon – where the personal touch always comes first.

And speaking of my “hard-working staff” – I’d like to take a moment to introduce them all to you…

First up is Lynzie who has been at Park Row for longer than she wants to admit – joining us straight out of hairdressing college.

A Brighouse girl like myself she brought quite a following back in those days. And she has continued to show everyone how versatile their hair can be – by curling, straightening and “putting up”.

She is our lead stylist for weddings, proms or special events – also giving advice on colour to suit all occasions.

(If your thinking of asking her to be Godparent to your next child the answer will be NO – She’s got 9 Godchildren already!!)

Amy is another of our very talented team members who joined us in early 2011.

She not only produces wonderful colours to suit your style, she will show you how to adapt it for evenings out, or give advice on how you can use products to make the most of your hair!

She is always coming up with new fun and fabulous ideas for our Pamper Parties too. They are becoming quite a hit with the Little Angels.

(She has such a lovely smile… but just don’t touch her crisps!)

Beckie is our stylist with attitude!! Every salon has one, it’s just ours is Beckie!

Beckie has been with us since leaving school and has grown into a great all round stylist. She has proven to be very talented using techniques learned over the years with us here at Park Row.

Nothing is too much trouble and she will go the extra mile to get your look just right.

(We always rely on Beckie for a good laugh and usually at her expense, but don’t be fooled by her cute exterior… there is a monster in there that needs to be fed every three hours!!)

Here we have Jess! She has worked in different city centre salons and joined us early in 2015.

She is an amazing all-round stylist and has proven to be a genius when it comes to styling hair for special occasions.

She oozes ideas and has a talent for colouring to suit your style, taking her time with the latest cutting and colouring techniques.

(Don’t be fooled by her reserved character she is an artist at work and you are the canvas!)

Introducing Jenny our latest member of the team. Jenny, Jennifer, Jen – she answers to most versions!

Jenny is one of our most experienced stylists. She has lived & worked in Brighouse most of her life like myself.

She then opened her own salon in Huddersfield and successfully ran her own team of people until having her daughter. She is now enjoying working alongside the Park Row family, keeping up with all the latest wants and needs of our lovely clients.

Cutting is Jenny’s passion, she has techniques up her sleeve to satisfy the most difficult hair, using colour to compliment the look.

(Jenny has a big personality… so don’t be alarmed if she blows you a kiss on the way out!!)

Introducing Charlotte, trained in Dermalogica, Sienna X spray tanning and Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treatments to help our skin look it’s best.

She does give an excellent massage and has been complimented by both men and women for good pressure technique.

She also gives an extra touch to pedicure as she has also trained in reflexology.

She is always happy to give advise on products you can use between treatments at home as we all know we cant always spend days with Charlotte pampering our needs.

She, like Georgia, also has OCD when it comes to tidying and cleaning, but I do sometimes get to take Charlotte home as she is my daughter! (Lucky me!!)

Introducing Chloe – who has such a calm manner it’s enough to make even the most uptight of us relax with her pressure point massage techniques.

She is a perfectionist and loves treating your skin with her knowledge of Dermalogica. She has been busy completing her “Expert level” in Dermalogica and is always around to give skin advice for all ages.

Chloe is experienced in all aspects of beauty. She joins in quite often with the Pamper Parties, usually giggling away while painting nails or applying festival make up.

If you’re really lucky she may even show you a little ‘boogie’, as she also has a BA Honours in Dance!!

Our lovely Alicia is a very enthusiastic apprentice. She has got the biggest job of all… looking after us lot as well as our clients! She deserves a medal for her smile, it never falters even though we test her to the max!

Alicia is gaining confidence and experience with hair and is learning fast. You have never seen her so excited as when she is organising our Pamper Party’s. She actually enjoys them as much as the Little Angels themselves!

We do occasionally need models for her to show off her work and try her hand independently on the techniques she has picked up along the way.

(Just one thing… she never forgets what you talked about on your last visit, so just be careful what you say!!)

So, if you’re new to the area, unhappy with your current hairdresser or beauty salon, or simply looking for a change – why don’t you come along and meet us in person? We’d love to welcome you at our warm and friendly salon.

Call us now on 01484 722220 to book an appointment – or if you prefer, book a free 15 minute initial consultation, to help you feel comfortable with what we can do.

Come and see why at Park Row Hair & Beauty we say… it’s all about you…

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